How We Built Confidence In Children 

Take it from the parents’ words and success stories

"During the pandemic mothering became complicated. My babies were having big complicated emotions & school was overwhelming. I invested in YGT and it not only helped with their homework & prepare for school, but most importantly with their confidence & competence to ascend and get out of their comfort zone. Their tutors are now their literal mentors and guides and they are thriving through their various individual journey with an A average across the board.”

- Natalie Taylor, mother of 4th, 7th & 9th grader

"Jaydin has been doing well in class, but getting 60's across the board on his tests. After working with YGT for a little less than 2 months, he received an A on his Final Pre Calculus exam. With the assistance of his tutor Manasvi, he began to believe in himself & worked to eliminate his testing anxiety."

- Karla Fowler, mother of 11th grader

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